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Precision Forestry • Climate Impact

Measuring and valuing every acre

Natural Capital Exchange (NCAPX)

A data-driven market for
forest carbon credits


Get paid for forest carbon


Offset your carbon footprint with carbon credits from US forests


Precision forest data for
every acre in the US

Basemap Analytics

Governments, NGOs, and industry all need insight into America's forest resource. Gain clarity with Basemap data.

Property-level Detail

Every acre has a story. Basemap tells you the details about the timber, wildlife, and carbon on your property.

Forestry is based on the knowledge of nature, the deeper we penetrate its secrets, the deeper the depths before us. What the light of an oil lamp makes visible is easily overlooked; many more things we can see by torch light, but infinitely more in the sunlight. The lighter it grows around us, the more unknown things become apparent, and it is a sure sign of shallowness, if anybody believes he knows it all.
-Heinrich von Cotta, 1816


SilviaTerra is a precision forestry company. We are a team of foresters, biometricians, and programmers dedicated to expanding our understanding of forests and strengthening our ability to manage these complex and vital ecosystems.

Combining our expertise in biometrics with the latest developments in remote sensing and big data, SilviaTerra's tools and markets ensure our forests are fully understood and fairly valued.

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