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The best way to manage the cruising process for individuals and teams

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  • Set up, manage, and report on your timber cruises - all in one online platform

  • Plot Hound navigates to plots using your device's GPS

  • Record clean and consistent data using the Plot Hound mobile app

  • Effortlessly sync timber cruise data between the Plot Hound online platform and mobile app

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How It Works


Set up your cruise in the Plot Hound online platform

Establish stand boundaries by uploading a file or drawing by hand

Plot Hound asks for your specs, then lays out your plots and exports them to the mobile application


Complete your cruise quickly and easily with the Plot Hound mobile app

Navigate to each plot with your phone's built-in GPS and compass

Collect clean data with drop-down menus and instant validation


View, analyze, and export your cruise results in the Plot Hound online platform

Charts, graphs, and Excel exports make your data available however you want it

Ongoing cruise management is simple with progress reports, plot reassignment across your team, and advanced options for power users



$0/ mo

For teams with fewer than 5 cruisers, it's free to get started with Plot Hound and its Basic reports. Learn more about our features at one of our live, online, weekly webinars.

Unlimited cruises
Basic reports
5 cruisers
Limited support

$250/ mo

For larger organizations, Plot Hound Pro supports up to 25 cruisers and comes with Premium reports. You can also assign work to contract cruisers.

Unlimited cruises
Volume reports
25 cruisers
Email support
Contract cruising
Data field customization

$750/ mo

Some of the largest US forestry companies use Plot Hound. Contact us today for large-scale cruise management.

Unlimited cruises
Volume + custom reports
Unlimited cruisers
Email + phone support
Contract cruising
Data field customization

Frequently Asked Questions

The original Plot Hound

When we started SilviaTerra, Max and Zack (and it really was just us at the time) worked tirelessly on what would eventually become CruiseBoost. CruiseBoost did, as it still does now, rely on ground measurements as the basis for all of its prediction and estimation processes. But back then Zack was our cruising staff. Since Max had a background in app development and Zack didn’t want to have to tally by day and input information into spreadsheets by night, we made a handy little app to speed it all up.

Zoey, (the striped one in the picture) was Zack's dog. She was awesome and accompanied Zack through his senior year at Mississippi State, through grad school, and was there when we started SilviaTerra -- on all those long cruising trips. She made it fun, barked to warn about snakes (and oddly, turtles) and was always there to nudge Zack when it was time to step away from the computer and take some time in the woods. She also happened to be an actual Plott Hound. When Zack told folks (mostly other foresters or cruisers) her breed, they’d get a kick out of it. So as we grew and more cruisers started using our app the only name that made sense was “Plot Hound” in honor of Zoey. A handy app for cruising named after a handy little cruising companion.

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