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NCAPX – Businesses

NCAPX is the most effective way to source carbon credits from all American forest owners – both large and small

What makes NCAPX better

High Quality Credits

NCAPX create a verified, present-day increase forest carbon across the landscape.


Every acre of forest can participate in NCAPX, keeping supply high and prices low.

Local Impact

Buy carbon from landowners in the states you choose.

Guide to Forest Carbon

Assessing the quality of forest carbon projects is hard. Cut through the jargon and hype by reading SilviaTerra's white paper. We lay out a simple framework for evaluating forest carbon projects: Real, Immediate, Scalable, Efficient (RISE).

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How does it work?

Step 1: Enroll

Enrolling is free and no-commitment.

The enrollment window will open late 2020, and you'll need to be enrolled to participate in the following stages.

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Step 2: Auction

You choose how much you're willing to pay for forest carbon credits. America's landowners do the same. This determines the market price of carbon, and ensures you get the lowest-cost carbon on the landscape.

The first auction is in early 2021.

Step 3: Harvest Deferral

Forest landowners harvest less volume than they otherwise would have, increasing the amount of carbon stored in the forest landscape.

Step 4: Payments

You pay for and take possession of the carbon credits, which can then be retired to meet your carbon goals.

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