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NCAPX is a data-driven marketplace for forest carbon credits

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What makes NCAPX better

Real and immediate

NCAPX payments immediately and verifiably increase carbon stored in the forest landscape.

Every landowner can participate

Small landowners representing over 200 million acres of forestland can now get paid for carbon.


By including all landowners, NCAPX identifies the lowest-cost additional carbon on the landscape.

Guide to Forest Carbon

Assessing the quality of forest carbon projects is hard. Cut through the jargon and hype by reading SilviaTerra's white paper. We lay out a simple framework for evaluating forest carbon projects: Real, Immediate, Scalable, Efficient (RISE).


How does it work?

Step 1: Enroll

Carbon credit buyers and landowners enroll in the program. Enrolling is free and no-commitment.

Step 2: Fulfillment

Landowners choose the payment levels at which they want to participate; carbon credit buyers do the same. SilviaTerra matches the two.

Our first enrollment event took place in March 2021 with the next one taking place June 2021.

Step 3: Harvest Deferral

Over the annual contract term, landowners harvest less volume than they ordinarily would have, increasing the amount of carbon stored in the forest landscape.

Step 4: Payments

Upon verification of the results, landowners are paid for the additional carbon stored on their property.

Buyers receive carbon credits in return, which can then be retired to achieve their carbon goals.

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