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Cruising? There's an app for that.

Runs on Android and iOS

Use the smartphone or tablet you already own

Simple is beautiful

Cruising is intuitive, sleek, and fast


Mobile app, reports, unlimited data storage - all free

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A little help from the eye in the sky

Cut cruising time in half

Cover all the same variability with fewer plots

Reduce travel

Plots are grouped together to increase your cruising speed

Leverage advanced satellite analysis

Let us handle the remote-sensing heavy lifting

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Send us bounds, get back an inventory

Getting accurate forest inventory shouldn't be hard. With our patent-pending hybrid satellite/ground inventory method, we can get you the data you need to make superior decisions.

Whether you need to inventory a thousand acres or a million, SilviaTerra can deliver accurate stand tables with number of stems, diameter, and species in a fraction of the time of regular cruises. We use a variety of remotely-sensed data in combination with a limited number of ground plots to generate the inventory reports. That means that you get your inventory faster and you only have to manage a single inventory provider.

Perfect for:

  • Rapid acquisitions
  • Stand-level management inventories
  • Woodbasin analysis

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